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  • Knoxville Coffee: The Long History of Coffee on Rocky Top

    October 4, 2019

    There’s nothing better than a great cup of coffee, and when it comes to coffee options on Rocky Top, there are some incredible coffee roasters in Knoxville! Whether it’s at a local Knoxville coffee shop or in your home, coffee is a beverage that brings people together.  Coffee has been around since the 11th Century and in the United States since its earliest history, but the coffee shop is a relatively recent cultural staple.

    Knoxville and coffee have a long history. In the mid-late 1800’s, the area now known as The Old City became the center of Knoxville coffee, as major businesses that depended on the railroad, like food-related businesses, such as sugar, coffee, and meat, set up operations in that area. Into the new century, the coffee roots continued to go deeper when JFG set up their coffee roasting operation in Knoxville in the late 1930’s. JFG Coffee remained a staple In Knoxville for the next seven decades.

    Coffee shops have risen in popularity since the famed West Coast roaster, Alfred Peet, decided to open a coffeebar in 1966. According to Peet’s Coffee website, “When Mr. Peet introduced fresh, darkly roasted beans to America in the 1960s, he transformed how we experience coffee. When (he) opened the doors to his first coffeebar in 1966, he quietly ignited a revolution that forever changed the expectations of American coffee drinkers.”

    The rise of corporate coffee in the United States helped to create massive demand from consumers and opportunity for locally owned coffee shops.  When the national coffee boom finally reached Rocky Top, Java opened its doors in Knoxville, becoming the first modern-era coffee shop in our area. You probably don’t have to think long about their location. It was The Old City! and played a role in being home of Knoxville’s first modern-era coffee house.

    It’s clear to see that coffee is woven into the fabric of life in Knoxville, but what can you do when coffee spills over onto the upholstery of your couch or onto the carpet of your Knoxville home? Immediately, you need to get a clean towel and blot the area of the spilled coffee to remove the excess liquid. If you do decide to use a spot-treatment product, it is best to test in the smallest area to ensure you won’t be creating further damage. The best thing you can do is to call Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning of Knoxville.

    We have a special carbonated solution designed to lift the dirt, grime, and stains from the base of your carpets and upholstery to the surface, ensuring we can remove the toughest of stains!

    When it comes to coffee shops or coffee roasters in Knoxville, the choices are plentiful, but when it comes to choices for professional carpet cleaning in Knoxville, there’s only one name to know: Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning of Knoxville.

    Where is your favorite Knoxville coffee house? If you haven’t explored the amazing coffee shops in Knoxville, here is a list of must try Knoxville coffee.

    Old City Java (add link: http://www.oldcityjava.com/)

    109 S Central Street

    Knoxville, TN 37901


    Mon – Fri | 7am – 7pm

    Sat – Sun | 8am – 7pm

    Honeybee Coffee Co (https://www.honeybeecoffeeco.com)

    10716 Kingston Pike

    Knoxville, TN 37934


    Mon – Thurs | 7am – 9pm

    Fri | 7am – 10pm

    Sat | 8am – 10pm

    Sun | 8am – 7pm

    K Brew (https://www.knoxvillebrew.com/)

    7822 Kingston Pike

    Knoxville, TN 37919


    Mon – Sat | 7am – 6pm

    Sun | 8am – 6pm

    Remedy Coffee (https://www.facebook.com/remedycoffee)

    800 Tyson St

    Knoxville, TN 37917


    Mon – Fri | 7am – 7pm

    Sat – Sun | 8am – 7pm

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