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    Your Knoxville home is supposed to be your oasis of comfort, but if you, or someone in your family struggles with allergies, your home may be a trigger of discomfort. You may experience seasonal allergies during spring in Knoxville, but what happens when those “seasonal” allergies don’t seem to go away? The problem might be inside the four walls of your Knoxville home. If this sounds like your daily experience in your Knoxville home, it might be time to call Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning of Knoxville for an indoor allergy treatment.
    When it comes to indoor allergens, it’s what you don’t see that is hurting you. Unlike spring pollen in Knoxville that accumulates on cars, roads and any outdoor surface, indoor allergens aren’t necessarily visible to the naked eye. Often, the allergen culprits are hiding deep in your Knoxville
    home. What are some common indoor allergen triggers?
    Dust Mites
    Dust mites are common indoor allergens that are found in most Knoxville homes. These allergic triggers are usually found in beds and bedding, upholstered furniture or household items made of cloth, such as curtains, blankets, or furniture covers. The trouble is not generally from dust, but from the mites and the waste particles they leave behind.
    Pet Dander
    For many Knoxville families, pets are part of the family. Pets are loyal and lovable, but pets leave behind dander which can trigger allergic reactions in some. Pet dander is not pet hair, but dead skin flakes. Other pet related allergens include saliva and pet urine.
    Mold is a difficult allergen to rid your Knoxville home of due to the many places mold can find to grow. Mold is a fungus that creates spores that become airborne. When mold spores are inhaled, allergy symptoms are triggered.
    The warm climate here in Knoxville creates another common home allergen: insects. One of the most common pests in Knoxville homes are cockroaches. Cockroaches like moist places to call home.
    Two rooms in your home that are frequent targets of cockroaches are the kitchen and bathroom. Did you know that if a cockroach finds a warm, humid place and has access to food and moisture, it can live for about a year? When the water source is removed, the life span is only a few days.
    Unfortunately, when these insects die, they decompose. Once that happens, tiny particles from the decomposition become airborne and can trigger allergic reactions to your family.
    When it comes to ridding your Knoxville home of indoor allergens, properly cleaning your carpets and upholstery is a key step to healthier living. Carpets that are not well maintained can hold dust mites,
    molds, pet hair, dead skin cells, insect feces and other particles deep-seated in their fibers.
    Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning of Knoxville offers an allergy treatment that can denature all these allergens from your carpet, or other fabrics, and get your air quality back to normal. The treatment itself contains a fruit and vegetable seed extract which denatures the structure of the allergen, effectively reducing the “Antibody-binding capacity” of said allergen. This alleviates our bodies response/reaction to it, as our body no longer recognizes the allergen. The treatment even provides a six-month residual
    Safe-Dry® of Knoxville can effectively treat for dust mite, cockroach and other bugs which have left their droppings, etc. in your home as well as pet dander and other problems that our furry friends have caused. Call today for more information about Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning of Knoxville’s allergy treatment!

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