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  • Tile, Marble, Stone

    Marble and tile floors offer a trendy appearance to your Knoxville TN home yet are prone to soil and residue. In this way, to save the radiance, we offer total arrangements that we conform to your wants. With our assistance, you can keep tile and marble clean. Not simply with the tile themselves. We likewise offer arrangements to tackle any issues that happen in the grout lines that keep the tiles set. Every trace of your floor is imperative to us, so we need to ensure we get all of it faultless for you.

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    • Thorough Inspection Before Cleaning
    • Hypo-Allergenic Deep Cleaning
    • Advanced Pile Raising & Grooming
    • Professional Drying & Finishing
    • Quality Is in The Details!

      We start by analyzing the tile work and figuring out what grout techniques and seals were utilized. We will vacuum or clear the territory of any debris that might be available. We utilize our hypoallergenic, buildup free arrangement as to not intrude on any current sealer or polish. We at that point return over it with a microfiber material to give it that smooth shine it merits!

    • So Clean and Shiny You’ll Think it is Brand New!

      In the event that the sealer you have on your tile has discolored or worn off with time we offer the administration of substituting that for you. Tile sealer secures that shading and sparkle underneath an ensuring layer that avoids normal wear that may show up after some time. We apply it and let it sit for a few minutes and afterward return crosswise over and dispose of any excess sealer. We want to keep that tile spotless and cleaned for whatever length of time that you live there!

    • When You Say “Tile,” We Think “Grout”!

      Regularly when cleaning tile work, a few people will, in general, think simply splashing cleaner and cleaning up will land the position wrapped up. Going over grout lines with a brush and its cleaner will cause miracles to occur with the cleanliness of your tile. Earth and soil stall out in the middle of the tiles that customary cleaning doesn’t get to and address. We try to get down into the deep lines to make you wonder how we laid another tile floor without you taking note!

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