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  • Carpets, Rugs & Upholstery Cleaned to Your Satisfaction. That’s our guarantee!

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  • Upholstery

    Safe-Dry of Knoxville TN restores your upholstered furniture that’s seen its fair share of use. We have restored upholstery for a wide variety of textures and materials, bringing back their original look and feel. Whether you have a microfiber loveseat or an antique couch, our carbonated cleaning solutions are designed to remove dirt, dust, and debris from your upholstered furniture. 

    If you and your family have been avoiding certain upholstered furniture in your home due to accumulated odors and allergens, our team of expert technicians will use our tried-and-true upholstery cleaning methods to remove pet stains, dander, dust, mold, and more from each time – all in the convenience of your home. 

    How We Help You Live Cleaner

    • All Surfaces, Not Just Visible Ones!

      When our specialists arrive at your home, we begin by removing each piece of upholstered furniture to determine the source of contamination. Once removed, we can determine the source of contamination that’s often invisible to most homeowners. If the furniture is determined to be the source of the odors and stains, we’ll begin an immediate cleaning process to remove stains and odors. However, if it is determined that a particular room or factor is creating the issues (such as your pets), we can recommend a deeper cleaning to the surrounding area that will ensure your upholstered furniture remains clean for years to come. 

    • All Fabrics Are Different and Should Be Treated as So!

      Our team of expert upholstery technicians has decades of experience in cleaning a wide range of fabrics, textures, and materials. We determine which kind of fabric(s) your furniture has and the process required to clean it without destroying any material. From antique pieces to present-day collectibles, rest assured that we’re at your service when it comes to preserving each piece’s value and aesthetic qualities. 

    • Quality Is In The Details!

      Our meticulous cleaning process begins with spot-testing, where we test a small portion of your upholstery to determine the right method to clean it. To do so, we apply a very small quantity of solution in a non-visible area to determine if dyes, colorings, or materials are able to withstand cleaning. Once we’ve spot tested and analyzed the results, we can utilize the safest methods to restore your upholstery without unnecessary damage or discoloration. 

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